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The Property Owner's Responsibility

The Craft-Turney Water Supply Corporation does not bear the cost of repairing distribution waterlines of the water system that are damaged as a result of the action of others.

The owner of the property is responsible for informing all contractors, other utility companies - anyone who will be digging on their property - of the location of the water distribution line.  An advance notice of 48 hours to our office prior to construction will allow us time to locate our waterline when needed.  Please include a call to the Corporation office (903) 586-9301 as early as possible before any construction begins.

Anyone responsible for damaging a water line or equipment of the water supply system will be required to pay all repair and replacement costs incurred by the water supply system for parts and labor, as well as water lost as a result of damages.  Labor costs will be one and one-half times the regular labor costs of the Corporation's employees for work on holidays and weekends, and for the work performed outside normal working hours.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in this matter, and it is important that the water supply Corporation be notified as soon as a line break or other damage occurs, so that the problem can be corrected promptly.