About Us

We are a nonprofit corporation owned by it members (our customers!) with a TCEQ rating of "Superior Water Supply System"! We're governed by a five–member Board of Directors, who are elected by the members during the annual meeting in March.  

Craft–Turney Water Supply Corporation office personnel strive to provide its members and customers an adequate and constant supply of potable water for domestic use to people in the rural areas with the most convenient and friendly service possible.

To Better Provide the Members, the Craft–Turney WSC office remains open throughout the lunch hour. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (with the exceptions of illness or emergencies).



Prior to 1962, nearly everyone in the Craft community / area got their water from a well on their property, but due to numerous problems with the pumps, there was an obvious need for a public water system.

In December of 1962, Earl Morton, a business owner, and long-time resident of the Craft community, met with a group consisting of 12 others from the area, to form a much-needed rural water system.  At this meeting the group elected their officers, with Mr. Morton as President.  By Government standards, a minimum number of customers were required to officially get a public water system started, so the task of signing up new customers began. Eventually the group had 132 customers and the Craft-Turney water Supply Cororation was born, Thanksgiving Day 1965.

Today, the Craft-Turney Water Supply Corp. serves approximately 5,400 customers, supplying billions of gallons of water annually.